Abstract Class Guzzle\Batch\AbstractBatchDecorator

SubclassesGuzzle\Batch\ExceptionBufferingBatch, Guzzle\Batch\FlushingBatch, Guzzle\Batch\HistoryBatch, Guzzle\Batch\NotifyingBatch

Abstract decorator used when decorating a BatchInterface

Protected Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$decoratedBatch Guzzle\Batch\BatchInterface Decorated batch object Guzzle\Batch\AbstractBatchDecorator

Property Details

$decoratedBatch protected property

Decorated batch object

Method Details

__call() public method

Allow decorators to implement custom methods

public mixed __call ( $method, array $args )
$method string

Missing method name

$args array

Method arguments

__construct() public method

public void __construct ( Guzzle\Batch\BatchInterface $decoratedBatch )
$decoratedBatch Guzzle\Batch\BatchInterface

BatchInterface that is being decorated

add() public method

public void add ( $item )
flush() public method

public void flush ( )
getDecorators() public method

Trace the decorators associated with the batch

public array getDecorators ( )
isEmpty() public method

public void isEmpty ( )