Class Guzzle\Batch\ExceptionBufferingBatch

InheritanceGuzzle\Batch\ExceptionBufferingBatch » Guzzle\Batch\AbstractBatchDecorator

BatchInterface decorator used to buffer exceptions encountered during a transfer. The exceptions can then later be processed after a batch flush has completed.

Protected Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$decoratedBatch Guzzle\Batch\BatchInterface Decorated batch object Guzzle\Batch\AbstractBatchDecorator
$exceptions array Array of BatchTransferException exceptions Guzzle\Batch\ExceptionBufferingBatch

Property Details

$exceptions protected property

Array of BatchTransferException exceptions

protected array $exceptions = []

Method Details

clearExceptions() public method

Clear the buffered exceptions

public void clearExceptions ( )
flush() public method

public void flush ( )
getExceptions() public method

Get the buffered exceptions

public array getExceptions ( )
return array

Array of BatchTransferException objects