Class Guzzle\Batch\HistoryBatch

InheritanceGuzzle\Batch\HistoryBatch » Guzzle\Batch\AbstractBatchDecorator

BatchInterface decorator used to keep a history of items that were added to the batch. You must clear the history manually to remove items from the history.

Protected Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$decoratedBatch Guzzle\Batch\BatchInterface Decorated batch object Guzzle\Batch\AbstractBatchDecorator
$history array Items in the history Guzzle\Batch\HistoryBatch

Property Details

$history protected property

Items in the history

protected array $history = []

Method Details

add() public method

public void add ( $item )
clearHistory() public method

Clear the batch history

public void clearHistory ( )
getHistory() public method

Get the batch history

public array getHistory ( )