Interface Guzzle\Log\LogAdapterInterface

Implemented byGuzzle\Log\AbstractLogAdapter, Guzzle\Log\ArrayLogAdapter, Guzzle\Log\ClosureLogAdapter, Guzzle\Log\MonologLogAdapter, Guzzle\Log\PsrLogAdapter, Guzzle\Log\Zf1LogAdapter, Guzzle\Log\Zf2LogAdapter

Adapter class that allows Guzzle to log data to various logging implementations.

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
log() Log a message at a priority Guzzle\Log\LogAdapterInterface

Method Details

log() public abstract method

Log a message at a priority

public abstract void log ( $message, $priority LOG_INFO, $extras = [] )
$message string

Message to log

$priority integer

Priority of message (use the \LOG_* constants of 0 - 7)

$extras array

Extra information to log in event