Class Guzzle\Service\Resource\ResourceIteratorClassFactory

InheritanceGuzzle\Service\Resource\ResourceIteratorClassFactory » Guzzle\Service\Resource\AbstractResourceIteratorFactory

Factory for creating {@see ResourceIteratorInterface} objects using a convention of storing iterator classes under a root namespace using the name of a {@see CommandInterface} object as a convention for determining the name of an iterator class. The command name is converted to CamelCase and Iterator is appended (e.g. abc_foo => AbcFoo).

Protected Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$inflector Guzzle\Inflection\InflectorInterface Inflector used to determine class names Guzzle\Service\Resource\ResourceIteratorClassFactory
$namespaces array List of namespaces used to look for classes Guzzle\Service\Resource\ResourceIteratorClassFactory

Property Details

$inflector protected property

Inflector used to determine class names

$namespaces protected property

List of namespaces used to look for classes

protected array $namespaces null

Method Details

__construct() public method

public void __construct ( $namespaces = [], Guzzle\Inflection\InflectorInterface $inflector null )
$namespaces string|array

List of namespaces for iterator objects

$inflector Guzzle\Inflection\InflectorInterface

Inflector used to resolve class names

getClassName() protected method

protected void getClassName ( Guzzle\Service\Command\CommandInterface $command )
registerNamespace() public method

Registers a namespace to check for Iterators

public self registerNamespace ( $namespace )
$namespace string

Namespace which contains Iterator classes