Class lajax\translatemanager\models\searches\LanguageSourceSearch

Inheritancelajax\translatemanager\models\searches\LanguageSourceSearch » lajax\translatemanager\models\LanguageSource » yii\db\ActiveRecord
Uses Traitslajax\translatemanager\models\searches\SearchTrait

LanguageSourceSearch represents the model behind the search form about common\models\LanguageSource.

Protected Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
createLikeExpression() Creates a LIKE expression, which can be used in the Query builder. lajax\translatemanager\models\searches\SearchTrait


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ConstantValueDescriptionDefined By
INSERT_LANGUAGE_ITEMS_LIMIT 10 lajax\translatemanager\models\LanguageSource

Property Details

$searchEmptyCommand public property

The search string to find empty translations.

$source public property

Source message.

public string $source null
$translation public property

Translated message.

public string $translation null

Method Details

rules() public method

public void rules ( )
scenarios() public method

The name of the default scenario.

public void scenarios ( )
search() public method

public \yii\data\ActiveDataProvider search ( $params )
$params array

Search conditions.