Class lajax\translatemanager\services\scanners\ScannerJavaScriptFunction

Inheritancelajax\translatemanager\services\scanners\ScannerJavaScriptFunction » lajax\translatemanager\services\scanners\ScannerFile » yii\console\controllers\MessageController
Available since version1.0

Class for processing JavaScript files.

Language elements detected in JavaScript files: "lajax.t" functions

lajax.t('language element);
lajax.t('language element {replace}', {replace:'String'});
lajax.t("language element");
lajax.t("language element {replace}", {replace:'String'});

Protected Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$files array Array to store patsh to project files. lajax\translatemanager\services\scanners\ScannerFile


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ConstantValueDescriptionDefined By
EXTENSION '*.js' Extension of JavaScript files. lajax\translatemanager\services\scanners\ScannerJavaScriptFunction

Method Details

getLanguageItem() protected method

Returns language elements in the token buffer.

If there is no recognisable language element in the array, returns null.

protected array|null getLanguageItem ( $buffer )
$buffer array
run() public method

Start scanning JavaScript files.

public void run ( $route, $params = [] )
$route string
$params array