Class Symfony\Component\Finder\Comparator\Comparator

SubclassesSymfony\Component\Finder\Comparator\DateComparator, Symfony\Component\Finder\Comparator\NumberComparator


Method Details

getOperator() public method

Gets the comparison operator.

public string getOperator ( )
return string

The operator

getTarget() public method

Gets the target value.

public string getTarget ( )
return string

The target value

setOperator() public method

Sets the comparison operator.

public void setOperator ( $operator )
$operator string

A valid operator

throws InvalidArgumentException
setTarget() public method

Sets the target value.

public void setTarget ( $target )
$target string

The target value

test() public method

Tests against the target.

public bool test ( $test )
$test mixed

A test value