Abstract Class Twig_Node_Expression_Unary

InheritanceTwig_Node_Expression_Unary » Twig_Node_Expression » Twig_Node
SubclassesTwig_Node_Expression_Unary_Neg, Twig_Node_Expression_Unary_Not, Twig_Node_Expression_Unary_Pos

Protected Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$attributes Twig_Node
$lineno Twig_Node
$nodes Twig_Node
$tag Twig_Node

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
__construct() Twig_Node_Expression_Unary
__toString() Twig_Node
compile() Twig_Node_Expression_Unary
count() Twig_Node
getAttribute() Gets an attribute value by name. Twig_Node
getFilename() Twig_Node
getIterator() Twig_Node
getLine() Twig_NodeInterface
getNode() Gets a node by name. Twig_Node
getNodeTag() Twig_NodeInterface
hasAttribute() Returns true if the attribute is defined. Twig_Node
hasNode() Returns true if the node with the given name exists. Twig_Node
operator() Twig_Node_Expression_Unary
removeAttribute() Removes an attribute by name. Twig_Node
removeNode() Removes a node by name. Twig_Node
setAttribute() Sets an attribute by name to a value. Twig_Node
setFilename() Twig_Node
setNode() Sets a node. Twig_Node
toXml() Twig_Node

Method Details

__construct() public method

public void __construct ( Twig_NodeInterface $node, $lineno )
compile() public method

public void compile ( Twig_Compiler $compiler )
operator() public abstract method

public abstract void operator ( Twig_Compiler $compiler )