:construction_worker: Initial backend setup with admin user

Accessing the application backend

After starting the application stack and opening it in your browser, you can access the web-application backend via /backend.


Login with admin / admin1 and change the admin password.

:construction_worker: Create users and assign roles

  • /user


User (Role)

  • admin (Admin)
  • dev (Developer)
  • editor (Editor)
  • preview (Frontend)

:bulb: The user admin is very similar to a root-user, by default it has every permission, or speaking in Yii terms can() always returns true.

Create media files

  • Application URL: /filefly
  • Permission: FileflyApi (Role)


  • /public
    • set read permissions to Public
  • /dumps

:construction_worker: Activate prototyping asset bundle

  • /settings


  • @hrzg/widget/views/test/triple.twig

Logout as admin.

General information

You will find the current application identifier (APP_NAME) and version in the footer of the backend.

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