The application backend is accessible via /backend or by clicking on the gear icon, after you are logged in.

Only users with permission backend_default can access the backend dashboard.

Access restricitions

:bangbang: By default all controllers of the application are only accessible to the admin user.

You can make a page or controller publicly available, when you add the corresponding permission to the Public role. It is recommended to setup an user with role Editor for managing the contents in the backend.

User authentication and authorization is provides by the extension dektrium/yii2-user, you can find its documentation on GitHub.

Language Selection

You can switch the application language by choosing another language under the flag icon on the top right menu bar.


Usually available in pages.availableGlobalRoutes




E-Mails sent from the application


Database changes


Error log


Application management Dashboard


Application configuration


Auth items for the current user

/debug (only available in YII_ENV_DEBUG) :warning:

Debugging tool


Online application help




Filemanager REST Endpoint


Menu manager


CMS base




URL redirects




Settings (key-value store)


Manage application translations for different languages


User and Permission management


Authentication form


CMS building blocks

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