To run phd you need Docker, on your host-system. While older versions should also work, here are the minimum versions which are actively tested and supported.

Optional but recommended

  • git
  • make

:bangbang: If you have disk performance issues when running composer inside a Docker container, please refer to Performance tuning for volume mounts for optimizations.


You can create your Docker environment with

  • Docker for Mac/Windows or a package-manager on Linux | Docs
  • docker-machine from Docker Toolbox as a VM or cloud-based host | Docs
  • Vagrant with a customized VM setup | Source-Code


On Linux the fastest way to get it is probably sudo pip install docker-compose.

Testing your requirements

To test if your environment is ready, simply run the following status commands, if you do not see any errors, you are good to go!

docker version
docker-compose version
docker info
docker ps

Non-dockerized installation

:warning: Running phd without Docker should work, but is not actively supported.

See tutorials.

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