Code conventions


Git branches

The phd repository contains the following main branches:

  • master (development, unstable)
  • x.y (alpha, beta, RC, stable releases)


  • PSR-2
  • all code, variables, tables, databases, constants - everything in the source code MUST BE written and named in English
  • resources SHOULD NOT be loaded from a server or CDN during development & testing
  • migrations MUST NOT be changed after they are comitted and pushed
  • migrations MUST NOT use model classes
  • committed code MUST NOT contain secrets
  • classes MUST use English names
  • variables in code SHOULD use camelCase
  • database properties SHOULD use $this->table_field


  • MUST add Tester classes to the repository
  • SHOULD use Yii::info() or Yii::trace(), NOT Yii::getLogger->(..., ..., ...)
  • SHOULD NOT use application.language = null with codemix/yii2-localeurls
  • SHOULD NOT use static ::className() calls in application configuration
  • Console commands SHOULD print a newline at the end of their output $this->stdout("Done".PHP_EOL)


  • references SHOULD NOT use absolute URLs


  • If attributes in Twig templates need to be translated and scanned by the Translatemanager module you need to use the following syntax

    data-content={{ t('catalogue', '__TOOLTIP_TEXT__'  | escape('html_attr')) }}


Giiant (Backend CRUD)

  • providers MUST NOT be copied into the project, may can extend a new class
  • SHOULD contain Id columns


  • Tests MUST NOT use any programming logic
  • Functional and E2e tests SHOULD use Cest files
  • Functional and E2e tests SHOULD NOT have more than 20 steps



  • host-volumes MUST NOT overlap
  • host-volumes SHOULD NOT contain single files


  • All production images MUST BE tagged


  • in project root (max. 300 lines)
  • docs/ detailed project documentation
    • docs/ index
    • docs/ "Esoteric features"
  • Source-code docblocks

Database (MySQL)

  • camelCase_id
  • MUST USE non-project specific default values
  • SHOULD have an idempotent setup (see AppCommand)

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