Upgrading instructions

The term upgrade is primarily used in Makefile targets, it usually includes a composer update, but may also contain other actions, such as docker build.

Upgrading application vendor packages

To update application packages can be updated with

make upgrade

which is a shorthand for running composer update in the PHP container.

Note: If you have made changes to composer.phd5.json you need to run dist-upgrade to rebuild the image before upgrading.

Upgrading application base-images

A phd5-template can be updated by changing its Docker FROM image. After chaning the base version run

make dist-upgrade

To get the base image, update packages and rebuild the application.

This action can apply updated configuration settings, vendor package constraints and new PHP version from the base-image, i.e. phd5-app.

Upgrading database

Create a SQL-dump of the running system you want to upgrade.

To import the dump into a locally running application run

yii db/destroy
yii db/create
yii db/import /dumps/project.sql
yii migrate

You may also update the admin password locally

yii user/password admin admin1


If you can not build the image, ie. due to a broken composer.lock file, revert its changes and run the update again.

If you can not build the image, because you have locked packages which do not match a newer PHP version, it's recommended to comment the composer installation in the Dockerfile and run make upgrade.

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