Application log component

You can get the logs of your application with

docker-compose logs

You may also add several params to the logs command

docker-compose logs -f --tail 100 php

Logging on console

It may also be required to get log output when running CLI commands. By default messages of log levels error and warning are also shown on stderr://. See also config/common.php

There is also a runtime/log/console.log, you can access it from a running containerwith

docker-compose exec php tail -n 100 runtime/logs/console.log

Or enter a container with make bash and run a command there

$ yii migrate
$ tail -n 100 runtime/logs/console.log

:information_source: Since this file is written into the container filesystem, it is different for the running application and a one-off run container. You can set a (host-)volume for /app/runtime for development.

Audit module logs

Logs are also available via the backend module Audit, please visit /audit in your browser.

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