Note: Examples in this guide are run in the dockerized setup. You can run phd also with composer for example within a Vagrant VM.

Choosing the right boilerplate



When starting a new project it is recommended to download the latest release and create a fresh repository from it.

cd myapp
git init    
git add .
git commit -m "inital commit"

:bulb: It is recommended to create an initial commit from the unmodified template code, before making the first changes.


The planck template contains a development environment for building and testing web applications with Docker, PHP and Yii 2.0 Framework.

It follows a strictly modular approach, which means that custom source-code added to a planck application does not interfere with the sources contained on the phd5 base-image, which features a full-featured application platform.

Compare to other web application templates a planck template does not contain the full-source code of the application. Which makes it super-small, in fact the only source-code contained by default is an empty array - the place to add your custom configuration.

A key feature of planck is that its base application image can be updated. Therefore it is possible to deliver fixes or security updates for the underlying application. It also makes the process of creating your custom tailed application template very easy.

composer install --ignore-platform-reqs -o

TBD: Note about dev-packages

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