phd is a holistic web-application template implementation, aiming on flexibility, modularization, performance and security on a minimal codebase.

It embraces a complete application life-cycle, from initial development over testing and CI to deployment.

Its toolset is infrastructure-agnostic and can be run on various platforms, such as Linux, OS X, Windows, AWS and other PaaS and cloud providers.

The application is built upon Docker, PHP, Yii 2.0 Framework and composer packages. Whenever possible phd uses a stable version for images and libraries. It is designed to be able to use an immensely wide set of libraries.

The standard modules are content-agnostic and include environment-based configuration, authentication and authorization, build-automation, testing, i18n, key/value-store, code-generation (Models/DAO, REST/API), prototyping and semantic-versioning.

Packages, plugins, extensions and libraries are hand-picked by core-developers, focussing on maintainability of the whole application stack, while it also follows the 12factor specifications.

Production ready and industrial grade delivery, with regular updates ensured through automated build processes. - phd is built, developed and maintained by dmstr.

Special thanks

...go out to qiangxue, samdark, cebe, the yii core-devs, motin, mikehaertl, tonydspaniard, crisu83, thyseus, quexer69, marc7000 and disco-tex77 for their work, feedback and input.

Built by

diemeisterei GmbH
Immenhofer Stra├če 21
70180 Stuttgart


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