Composer Installation


Database setup

Create a new database to store application information.

Composer installation

You can install phd using composer...

composer global require "fxp/composer-asset-plugin:1.1.*"
composer create-project --stability=beta phundament/app myapp

Application configuration with environment variables

The setup is based on vlucas/dotenv, which reads environment variables from the system or a local .env file. You can find background information about this topic in the The Twelve Factor App documentation.

Create and adjust your environment configuration, eg. add a database...

cd myapp
cp .env-dist .env
edit .env

Run the application setup...

./yii migrate --interactive=0
./yii app/setup-admin-user --interactive=0

Open http://path-to-app/web or http://path-to-app/web?r=admin in your browser.

Afterwards you can access your phd application under http://localhost/app/frontend/web and http://localhost/app/backend/web.

Virtual Hosts and nice URLs

If you choose APP_PRETTY_URLS=1 in your .env file, activate the web/.htaccess if you are devleoping on your local machine.

cp web/.htaccess-dist web/.htaccess

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