Application packages


Update a single package

When you want to update a single package without having all packages updated, you should first check the constraints of the installed package.

$ composer why dmstr/yii2-pages-module                            

Which should give you something similar to

dmstr/yii2-backend-module   0.4.11      requires  dmstr/yii2-pages-module (~0.16)                    
dmstr/yii2-cms-metapackage  5.0.0       requires  dmstr/yii2-pages-module (~0.16)                    

Let's assume we want to use an alpha version, but the above constraints and your minimum-stability setting are restricting you from doing so.

You can overcome this restricting by specifying a version alias for the package, which installs the requested alpha version with a 'stable' alias. Please note that we are not updating the packages with this command.

$ composer require --no-update "dmstr/yii2-pages-module:0.19.0-alpha1 as 0.18.99"

The above command only updates the composer.json file, you can now dry-run an update for the package.

$ composer update --dry-run dmstr/yii2-pages-module

Which should give you the package to be updated...

- Updating dmstr/yii2-pages-module (0.18.0-beta4) to dmstr/yii2-pages-module (0.19.0-alpha1)

and in some cases also dependent packages, like underlying libraries.

You can now update the package with

$ composer update dmstr/yii2-pages-module

Add a single package

$ composer require --no-update --sort-packages "bedezign/yii2-audit"
$ composer update --dry-run bedezign/yii2-audit
$ composer update bedezign/yii2-audit

Source code repositories

  • see composer.json section config, edit preferred-install.

Switching from dist to source

:warning: Beware of data loss for the following actions

  • check and backup your changes in vendor
  • delete folders from vendor you want as source
  • edit composer.json like described above

Run update in container

$ composer install

Note: As an alternative to editing preferred-install, you can also run composer install --prefer-source, but be aware that this will clone all outdated or missing repos.

Update composer or global packages

In some cases you need to update globally installed tools like composer, codeception or fxpio/composer-asset-plugin.

$ composer self-update
$ composer global update

These update can also be run in the Dockerfile of your project.

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