Application Asset Bundle

  • [[app\assets\AppAsset]]

Asset bundles

By default phd runs with the default bootstrap asset bundle from Yii. To enable asset customization, edit src/assets/AppAsset.php and uncomment 'less/app.less',.

There are three files included by default:

  • app.less main LESS file for application
  • bootstrap.less includes for bootstrap LESS files
  • variables.less bootstrap settings

Initial adjustment to the style settings of the application should be made in variables.less

When developing assets you can set APP_ASSET_FORCE_PUBLISH=1 in your local .env file, this improves detection of changes for included files. Note: This feature is only available in the AppAsset bundle for the application.

For bundling assets for production usage, see tutorial about asset compression.


yii app/clear-assets

Export from database

see also Exporting database-dumps

Register command if needed.

Export files with yii prototype.

Move files to project/resources. Commit.

Refactor files. Commit.

Use the files by @import (/app/project/resources/default.less) them from DB-Less.

Remove imported code from DB-Less records.

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