Example for storing database dumps on S3.

yii db/export --outputPath=/app/runtime/_debug && \
yii migrate/history > /app/runtime/_debug/migrate-history.log && \
yii fs/sync runtime://_debug s3:// --interactive=0 && \
yii fs/rmdir runtime://_debug --recursive --interactive=0

Download via Filefly

Note! It is strongly recommended to remove the debug dumps after downloading them.

Database import

 yii db/destroy --interactive=0 && \
 yii db/create && \
 yii db/import $X_DB_DUMP_SQL && \
 yii migrate --interactive=0 && \
 yii cache/flush-all

Transfer data from staging to migrations

  • Go to /resque
  • yii db/x-dump/data
  • Download (via Moxiemanager or Filyfly)
  • Create file migration, place into tests/codeception/_migrations/VERSION
  • cd tests
  • make clean all
  • make run-tests (or make bash $ codecept run)


:warning: This section is under development.

Migrate production data sets

  • Do not export the schema (experimental: use yii db/x-dump-data)
  • Don't export the data of tables such as
  • log
  • migration
  • language
  • auth
  • Use correct time in migration history
  • minimize the number of dev-master packages

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